Our Deck

Our Deck

 Happy belated M. day to all mothers out there!!  Being a mother has been the most rewarding AND frustrating time of my life.  I was lucky to have been able to stay home with my children as they were growing up.  How do working mothers do it all??!!!  I still have “if only I did this or that” thoughts, even though my sons are grown.  I had a book called “A Good Enough Mother.”  Never actually read it but just having it on my shelf to look at the title comforted me.  It made me realize I couldn’t be perfect all the time but still be a good mom.  We must have done “good enough”  because our sons are now fantastic young men.

We have had so much rain lately that it was truly a gift to have a sunny and warm weekend.  Mother’s day has always been a signal for the beginning to summer for me since all the gardening centers have stocked up on flowering annuals.  We spent 6 hours in our small yard trimming bushes, raking leaves, weeding and edging the lawn.  It felt so good to be outdoors but my hubby and I paid for it the next day–we are so stiff!

This is a picture of our deck after we hung the baskets of flowers.  I was impatient this year to get them up and of course they went on sale the day after we bought them.  Notice the mini pergola in the background?  We added that last year out of necessity but it really added character to the deck.  It doubles as a sun screen when we pull the curtain.  Without the curtain it is hard to sit on the deck in the early evening because of the sun setting in the west.

Ahhh!  Back to enjoying the fruits of our labor–sitting on the deck, listening to the chimes and watching the goldfinches at the feeder.