Warning-Long posting! 

Life does that to you.  We get so caught up in the “have to dos” that we forget about “want to dos.”  We have managed, though, to fit in a few things since I last posted 9 months ago (oh my, I have been negligent!) and I will try to catch up. 

When we were first married and living in California, we would take a road trip almost every other weekend.  One weekend we would go to Tahoe, another to Yosemite camping, another to Lassen.  When we had more than a weekend we would take longer road trips to Yellowstone, the Rockies, and many other parks—all camping.  Then kids came along, but that didn’t affect our trips much.  But somewhere after that, life got too busy and we stopped taking road trips. 

So this summer we decided to drive to Oklahoma via Utah, still somewhat on a schedule, but still had time to divert to see some sights.  Can’t wait until we have time to take out and stop wherever and whenever we want!  Our first stop was to visit Hubby’s aunt and uncle in Park City, Utah.  They were celebrating their anniversary, but welcomed us with open hearts.  They are lovely people and so giving—always loved visiting them.  Aren’t they delightful? 


 Then we visited the Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.  Hotter than heck!  102 degrees and would head for any shade we could find.  September/October would probably a better time to visit than July but oh my it was worth it!  Absolutely beautiful and such red, unearthly formations!  See for yourself. 

 First the Canyonlands.  I liked the Canyonlands better than the Arches, less crowded.


 Then the Arches 




After that we visited relatives in Oklahoma.   


And went to Platt National Recreation Area, Oklahoma.  Used to be Platt National Park, the smallest national park, when I was growing up.  Also used to have sulphur springs but it has dried up.


October we visited our son & daughter-in-law in Massachusetts.  Spent two weeks there &  visited with old friends too.  I am lucky to have bosses & a job that lets me work remotely.  We missed the peak fall colors by about a week, but it was still beautiful.   


While we were in on the East Coast we drove to Baltimore  to a friend’s daughter’s wedding.  What an adventure: got lost even with a GPS! 


  Thanksgiving we took 5 days to drive to visit our other son & daughter-in-law in the California Bay Area, stopping along the way, sometimes only driving 80 miles a day.  Marvelous!  We made it home in one day.



Fern Canyon, Ca.  Had to drive through and wade up streams.  Good thing we had our Gortex boots. 


Somewhere in all the travel we went to Cannon Beach, Oregon. 


Whew, now that I look back we did a lot of traveling!  More on a few projects I made next time.