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Finished purse 
 OK, my first stab at a tutorial.  I had been wanting to create a bag from old blue jeans but didn’t want to spend a lot of money buying a pair.  I have been reading other blogs about thrifting where the blogger bought clothes and craft supplies for $.25, $.50, etc. in thrift shops.  We must have a higher class of stores because the least I could find was for $5.00.  Where oh where is the rummage sale I used to help with at my church in New England— pants were no more than $.50 each!!  Well, a neighbor had a yard sale and I bought a pair of her little girl’s jeans, about a size 5 I think. 

Well, as you can see I was busy over the holiday weekend.  We are having a baby shower for one of my colleagues at work next week and I wanted to make her something.  I used Butterick Pattern #4560 and it took forever to cut out all the pieces.  First of all, the pattern had pieces for a bag A and a bag B, yet the instructions were the same.  Finally figured out the only difference was that bag A’s fabric had to be interfaced with batting and bag B used prequilted fabric.  I used magnetic closures instead of Velcro.

I wanted to use a fabric that was not babyish so that the bag could still be used for a tote later on.  It has a ton of pockets to organize both the inside and outside.  I had to “adapt” because of some mistakes I made.  The one pocket with the flap on the outside of the bag is shorter than it should have been.  I put the flap in the wrong place and it was easier making the pocket shorter than riping out the flap and redoing.  I had also twisted the strap and didn’t catch it until the bag was completely lined.  Boo-hoo!

I shortened the strap by 6″ when I fixed it and reinforced the handle ends with an “X” stitching.  I had wanted to make it an adjustable strap but it was too thick.  I think next time I make this bag I will put piping around the flaps or make the body of the bag with a different fabric than the flap.  With the fabric I used it all blends together too much.

Anyway, I am pleased at how it turned out and hope my friend likes it.

I have been on a purse making kick lately.  These wristlets were made using a tutorial at Split Yarn.  I made them as a parting gift to some friends at work.  After making a couple of these I was able to whip out one in no time flat.  I hope they liked them.  I think I will add a  zippered pocket  and credit card pockets in the next wristlet I make.                                                   


 Here are some other purses I made.  The first one was using a Simplicity pattern.  Not pleased with the outside fabric but love the lining.  The pattern was very basic so I added inside pockets, a zippered pocket. a key fob and a magnetic clasp.

 small-1                          small-2

Here are a couple more.  Both were made with patterns (can’t remember which ones at the moment).  The blue denim one was difficult to sew because of all the layers, broke a couple of needles on it.  The second patchwork bag is my favorite.  Again, I added extra pockets, a key fob and magnetic clasp. 

 small-4                      small-22

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